Iron Woof is coming!
‘Iron woof’ is coming! The video introduces the R&D process. HachiBot will start recruiting the VIP users to experience soon.
HachiBot releases the first complete product.
Hachibot has redefined the pet robot. Here comes more in August.
Here comes HachiBot,the real robot!
We invite you to experience the moment with HachiBot.
How does HachiBot learn and imitate animal or human actions?
HachiBot can master a set of methods that can directly imitate the actions of animals in the real world through reinforcement learning, imitation learning and the combination of computer vision technology.
Up and down stairs with visual control
We have completed up and down stairs with visual control, without remote control.
Hierarchical definition of companion robot
What kind of robot is called intelligence? What kind of products will hachibot develop and put on the market? What direction will intelligent companion robots develop in the future?
HachiBot likes palying golf!
Hachibot can not only accompany you at home, but also accompany you to many places and see the most beautiful scenery.
HachiBot can run outdoors.
With computer vision aided real-time navigation system and predictive control based trajectory tracking system, it can run with you or even lead the way.
HachiBot is coming!
We show you the future of HachiBot in the form of animation. I hope you can give us more comments.
Here comes the difficult move you want to see
Capable of dynamic maneuvers like frontflip or backflip, HachiBot is also designed to run through narrow gap and endure a large drop.
Would you like to live with robots?
HachiBot has learned to open the door for you and run with you. Do you want it to be a member of your family?
How HachiBot overcomes obstacles in our family life?
HachiBot can climb up stairs and walk on slopes. What would you like HachiBot to do if you were to take them home?
How HachiBot sees the world?
To sense their surroundings quickly and accurately is one of the fundamentals of HachiBot’s skill sets. Let’s see how HachiBot senses their surroundings.
HachiBot Quadruped Robot High-speed Spinning
How does it feel to have robots in our life? Watch how HachiBot dances like a Lezgin! These are just the first steps and there are many more to come. We work around the clock to make it available for you at home, soon.